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the boudoir experience

Why Boudoir will always have a place in my heart...

It all lies on one feeling, intimacy.

Intimacy within ourselves sometimes lies beyond what we may be able to reach. Strength, love, stillness,  acceptance, courage, independence, confidence, and trust. All components of intimacy that represent who we are, what makes YOU. It is often tucked away in a hidden little box that can be hard to find.

I strive to allow each woman that I photograph, a space where they can embrace their intimacy. 

Because seeking our intimacy is the only way to rediscover ourselves, xo - Denice

The Boudoir Experience

The Boudoir Experience


Join Denice and six lucky ladies at the Boudoir Experience on September 24, 2017 in Miami, FL

Boudoir extends to more than just taking a portrait of yourself in delicate lace lingerie. There is a special intimacy that lies within the vulnerability and acceptance when you allow yourself the space to be honest in your own embrace.

This collection is for a session fee and includes the following:

- 20 minute session at a natural light indoor studio in Miami, FL

- make up provided by HS Artistry

- A print collection of your 10 favorite portraits in size 4.5 x 6, wrapped in silk ribbon

Additional prints and albums will be available and sold separately as an add-on with this collection. 



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