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Portrait by Quinn Moss

My story

When I was a little girl, I disliked many parts of my body. Some nights, I cried myself to sleep because I wished I were smaller and different from what I am. There I was as an introvert, alone and in my head in a constant battle of refusal. As of today, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that some of these insecurities are still within me. The difference is that I am now aware, and I constantly fight for me in acceptance of whom I am as a woman. I have learned to embrace me, my body, as I am. 

Boudoir extends to more than just taking a portrait of a woman in delicate lace lingerie. Boudoir portraiture is vulnerable. It seeks truth for both the artist and the muse. As a boudoir photographer, my heart’s desire has always been to create boudoir imagery that uplifts and inspires women.

I LOVE documenting womanhood through boudoir photography.

The connections I am able to make with women are unforgettable. I believe that to feel the unknown is the most beautiful form of creation. Everyone has a gift within them. Something to give, a story to tell. I want to be there to capture your inner self and help tell that story. This is my wish for you: for you to experience a celebration of yourself like never before! To connect with whom you are on a deeper level, because you are deserving of your love. 



other work

As a true lover of art, you can always find me learning different art forms and working on personal portraiture projects. I recently introduced encaustic art pieces to my body of work. By using my own photographs, I create unique encaustic art pieces for my clients on a commission basis. My current portraiture study involves the art of body studies of the female form. You can find more of my personal work by visiting honey & grit


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