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I am so happy that you are here in this virtual space, because it means that you are taking the first steps into celebrating who you are!  If you haven't noticed yet, I love documenting womanhood through boudoir photography.

Why Boudoir will always have a place in my heart...

It all lies in one feeling, intimacy.

Intimacy within ourselves sometimes lies beyond what we may be able to reach. Strength, love, stillness,  acceptance, courage, independence, confidence, trust. All components of intimacy that represent who we are, what makes YOU. It is often tucked away in a hidden little box that can be hard to find. And then comes a time where seeking our intimacy is the only way to rediscover ourselves.  

These are one of the many reasons why I LOVE capturing boudoir. Unknowingly, boudoir places you in a mindset of wanting to elevate your being. Rediscovering the embodiment of stillness within your intimacy allows you to reconnect with self love, and the trust that lies upon yourself.

The connections I am able to make with women are unforgettable. I believe that to feel the unknown is the most beautiful form of creation. Everyone has a gift within them. Something to give, a story to tell. I want to be there to capture your inner self and help tell that story. This is my wish for you: for you to experience a celabration of yourself like never before! To connect with whom you are on a deeper level, because you are deserving of your love. 

other work

As a true lover of art, you can always find me learning different art forms and working on personal portraiture projects. I recently introduced encaustic art pieces to my body of work. By using my own photographs, I create unique encaustic art pieces for my clients on a commission basis. My current portraiture study involves the art of body studies of the female form. You can find more of my personal work by visiting honey & grit

You can also find me as the Editor In Chief at Embrace Magazine, a fine art boudoir publication celebrating women through boudoir imagery.



The Process

As an introvert, I find it quite hard to explain what my artist thought process entails. The best way I can help others understand my madness is to let you know that I am aware of my intuitive characteristics. From the moment you connect with me, I want to hop on a call with you so that we can get to know each other. By getting to know you, I am not only able to distinctively envision our work together, but I am also able to hear your desires to help you translate it into unique boudoir portraiture.  

Trust, is the key to having a successful Boudoir Session. I will be here for ever step we take together.  Without trust, we wouldn't be here on this journey at all.  It forces YOU (and myself) to trust the process of rediscovering your intimacy in its own uniqueness, and allows you and I to create as we unfold with each other. 

connect with denice

Want to connect with me?  Send me a note at and tell me all about you, what moves you, the song you are currently dancing to, anything! Xx

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