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about denice

"to feel the unknown is the most beautiful form of creation" 

Denice is a Photographer based in South Florida. Her clients have known her for capturing true organic life moments in her work. With over five years of experience, she is dedicated to photographing love, intimate family portraits, and boudoir portraits. Denice's intuitive method, allows her to create distinctive artistry. Her passion for love and astute ability to draw out the best in her clients translates into every image she captures. Denice draws inspiration from light, art, poetry, and textures. She believes “to feel the unknown is the most beautiful form of creation. Everyone has a gift within them, something to give, something to tell. I want to be there to capture your inner self and help tell that story." 

professional praise

In 2016, Denice landed her first print cover with Lemonade and Lenses. Her work has been featured in Weddings Unveiled, Bajan WedHochzeitsguide, and many others.

other work

As a true lover of art, you can always find Denice learning different art forms and working on personal portraiture projects. She recently introduced encaustic art pieces exclusively within her work. By using her own portraits, she creates unique encaustic photography for her clients on a commission basis. Her current portraiture study involves window light and the form of touch.  Denice also serves as the Managing Editorial Assistant at Dear Gray Magazine.

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K     I     N     D             W     O     R     D     S

"Where to begin? Denice Lachapelle is definitely a one of a kind photographer! We had so much fun taking our engagement photos. Her unique, romantic and out-of-the-box ideas are impressive. Although we met Denice the day of the engagement session for the first time, she was very friendly, sweet and welcoming. After receiving our photos, there was no doubt that Denice is an expert in photography. Her technique of using natural lighting is breathtakingly impressive. If you are looking for a photographer, look no further!"

Carlos + emmy

"I am absolutely 100% in LOVE with you and your style. As I explained to you this is something I always dreamed of doing but never had the courage to do. Once I ran across your sire and the details, my intuition just told me to go for it! Well, I did and I cannot be any happier with the results. You made sure I was comfortable with you and myself alway concerning yourself about how I felt rather than getting the shot. I believe the boudoir session should be about being comfortable with yourself and your surroundings so that your natural beauty exudes. I can't stop talking about it!" 

- Ruby P.

"Denice, it was such a pleasure working with you last May for my Boudoir Portrait Session. You made it very easy for me to feel relaxed, beautiful and comfortable and to capture and create exactly what I was hoping for. The pictures turned out simply gorgeous and I am so very pleased. You were able to photograph and freeze these moments in time, which was exactly what I was seeking. You were kind, patient and generous with your time, expertise and creativity. I would recommend you to anyone! Thank you again!"

- Janey E.

"Denice is a patient, kind, TALENTED Photographer who has made my family photo dreams come true. My little family is chaos - energetic, goofy and comprised of a talkative 5 year old and a whirlwind of a 2 year old. Denice patiently walked through our session, encouraged us to interact as naturally as we could - and it is so incredible to look at these photos and feel like she captured the very essence of our family. Our family photos are NOT just pretty photos, they're loaded with emotion and feel like what our family feels like. I think what most impresses me is that I can feel the curiosity in my 5 year old's eyes and can feel the excitement in my two year olds hands - JUST by an image. We are blessed to have such authentic memories, excited to share these with family and friends, and ever so grateful to have had our photos made by Denice.'

- the Iglesias family

"To have Denice capture pictures of you is to accept that you are putting the vision of what you think is beautiful aside and allowing her to take artistic control while realizing that every moment and shot is a deeper look into your true self. A truly refreshing experience where Denice removed my layers of expectation and need for perfection and by relinquishing control she captured those very human moments. It was personally so great for me to do it at that time because I was on a path of self discovery. Taking boudoir shots as a single woman these images represented me finding the beauty that I possess regardless of it being for anyone's attention. It helped me step out of a shell of insecurity. I look back now and although I was technically heavier in those pictures then now they made me feel and continue to make me feel so sensual and powerful and yet the images were tasteful, classy and left much to mystery for the curious eye.  A true sign of independence from society's expectations and stigmas about woman and when, how and for who to be sexy, beautiful and captivating. Boudoir shoots could truly be this decade’s yoga retreat."

- Perla T.

"Working with Denice has been a dream. From our very first contact she has been a complete professional and made our special day complete by giving us the gift of beautiful forever memories. Denice has the unique capability of capturing a feeling, in addition to the images. Just an absolute pleasure all around." 

- Julia + Carlos