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Denice is a Photographer based in South Florida. Her clients have known her for capturing true organic life moments in her work. With over five years of experience, she is dedicated to photographing love, intimate family portraits, and boudoir portraits. Denice's intuitive method, allows her to create distinctive artistry. Her passion for love and astute ability to draw out the best in her clients translates into every image she captures. Denice draws inspiration from light, art, poetry, and textures. She believes “to feel the unknown is the most beautiful form of creation. Everyone has a gift within them, something to give, something to tell. I want to be there to capture your inner self and help tell that story." 

A Body Study of Celia | South Florida Boudoir Photographer

When a woman allows me to take their portrait, as she is, I feel an immense responsibility to capture her not only as I see her, but also capture her essence. As I write this, I think, her essence may very well be something that has not yet been discovered to her own self. Perhaps these attributes of what makes her whom she exudes may very well reveal themselves to us via these portraits. It is a huge responsibility, both as artist and subject. As an artist, because the responsibility lies in creating and capturing honest portraits; and as a subject, because she is trusting the artist, bravely so. 

Earlier this year, I began a series of portraits by way of Body Study of individual women. This is something I have been wanting to do since the first day I photograph my first boudoir session a few years ago. It is quite difficult to explain how I feel when I create these raw and beautiful portraits of these women. The only way I know how to express how I feel is by creating. And although I am not sure where this collection of personal work will take me one thing is certain, I crave these more and more. 


Denice Lachapelle Photography Boudoir Photographer
Miami Boudoir Photographer Denice Lachapelle Photography
To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.
— Thích Nhất Hạnh
Miami Boudoir Photographer Positive Body Image Denice Lachapelle Photography
Miami Boudoir Photographer Denice Lachapelle Photography
South Florida Boudoir Photographer positive body image by Denice Lachapelle Photography
South Florida Boudoir Photographer positive body image by Denice Lachapelle Photography
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