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South Florida Boudoir Photographer | Denice Lachapelle Photographer

Denice is a Photographer based in South Florida. Her clients have known her for capturing true organic life moments in her work. With over five years of experience, she is dedicated to photographing love, intimate family portraits, and boudoir portraits. Denice's intuitive method, allows her to create distinctive artistry. Her passion for love and astute ability to draw out the best in her clients translates into every image she captures. Denice draws inspiration from light, art, poetry, and textures. She believes “to feel the unknown is the most beautiful form of creation. Everyone has a gift within them, something to give, something to tell. I want to be there to capture your inner self and help tell that story." 

For The Love of Boudoir


Why Boudoir will always have a place in my heart...

It all lies on one feeling, intimacy.

South Florida Boudoir Photography Denice Lachapelle

i   n   t   i   m   a   c   y

Intimacy within ourselves sometimes lies beyond what we may be able to reach. Strength, love, stillness,  acceptance, courage, independence, confidence, trust. All components of intimacy that represent who we are, what makes YOU. It is often tucked away in a hidden little box that can be hard to find. And then comes a time where seeking our intimacy is the only way to rediscover ourselves.  

Rediscover who you are, your strength, and everything else that lies ahead of you waiting for your touch. This rediscovery takes you to a higher level of trust.


T     R     U     S     T

Trust, is the key in having a successful Boudoir Session. Without trust, we wouldn't be here on this journey together.  It forces YOU (and myself) to trust the process of rediscovering your intimacy in its own uniqueness, and allows you and I to create as we unfold with each other. 

These are one of the many reasons why I LOVE capturing boudoir. The connections I am able to make with women are unforgettable. The embodiment of stillness within your intimacy allows room for vulnerability to reconnect with your self love, and the trust that lies upon yourself.

So I ask, are you ready to seek your intimacy?


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